Amazon ShopLocal/UDS FAQs

Who should I contact at Amazon with questions?

Please direct all questions initially to Scott Fitzgerald – [email protected] and copy Kelly Weyandt – [email protected]. You can also contact [email protected] for assistance with your Amazon account once you are set up.

Is there a training webinar available?

This program is currently paused and under review.

What products will I be selling in this program?

A limited selection of Whirlpool softeners. These do ship from a different warehouse than EcoWater products, so unfortunately we are unable to combine Whirlpool and EcoWater shipments.

  • WHES332 – (33,000 grain softener)
  • WHES486 – (48,000 grain softener)
  • WHESFC4 – (hybrid softener/filtration system)

Do I need to maintain inventory for these products?

Yes. Once you receive an order notification you’ll want to fulfill that order as soon as possible in order to get a good review from your customer.

Who sets the price?

You, the dealer. Your price will include both the retail product price plus your installation fee.

Is there an MSRP pricing guide available?

During the initial Amazon Webinar our rep misspoke and mentioned we would provide dealers a pricing guidelines document. Unfortunately, per our dealer agreement EcoWater is unable to discuss specific pricing.

Below is a helpful list of things to consider when thinking about pricing:
  • Research competitive products
  • Understand the cost of living in your region
  • Consider all costs associated with running this program
  • Warehouse space
  • Additional staff/technicians
  • Keep in mind that this is an instant order, not a lead. Consider what that resource savings is worth when calculating your sell price and profit.

Will my prices be shown for everyone to see?

Yes. This is a mid-tier service level install between DIY and SF&I, and prices will reflect a product + install price.

Will the same Whirlpool products be sold by Amazon without installation?

Maybe, but not in your region. As soon as you go live with this program on Amazon you will be the only reseller showing to consumers in your dealer region.

How will Amazon know my regional boundaries?

You will need to provide zip codes when setting up your account on Amazon.

I am a Costco dealer. Will this upset Costco?

Amazon UDS will not offer EcoWater branded products or the white-glove service that Costco does, so it’s not competing in the same market. UDS is a simple F&I program.

Is this difficult?

No, but it will require some effort. You will need to set up an account with Amazon and learn how to run the program. Step-by-step instructions and one-on-one support with an Amazon Account Rep is available.

Is this going to cost me a lot of marketing dollars to get started?

No. There is a $39 monthly fee that will be waived for the first six months. Since this is a new Amazon program, they will also cover the marketing needed to get visibility of your products.

Is there a link to get started on the application? is the link. Make sure to select the primary category as ‘Home Improvement’ and the business model should be ‘retailer with delivery and services’.

Will Amazon market other water softeners with services included?

Similar products may be sold through Amazon by other sellers, but the services offered with them would be from third party service providers that do not sell the product and can only provide their services after the product has already been delivered by Amazon. E.g. it is shipped curbside and the service provider is assigned to come out to install it at a later date. With the dealer program the product is sourced from the local dealer’s inventory and install happens when the dealer has arranged to deliver the product. E.g. unified delivery and services.

How do I order products?

You can order the Whirlpool Pro products the same way you order EcoWater products. Visit the online order site and search for the products by part number.

 How much do the Whirlpool Pro units cost? Are there any program fees?

  • WHES332 – $450 (33,000 grain softener)
  • WHES486 – $560 (48,000 grain softener)
  • WHESFC4 – $590 (hybrid softener/filtration system)

Amazon is waiving the $39.99 monthly registration fee for the first 6 months of the program to the first 15 dealers who register.  If you receive a monthly registration charge for the $39.99, please email Scott Fitzgerald – [email protected] and copy your BDM. Scottwill then white-list your email address and each month a reversal should happen automatically a few days after the charge.

As an FYI, Amazon doesn’t make any money from this fee … it’s simply there to prevent anyone from stumbling across the page and signing up for the program.