It’s not easy being Green… or is it?

More and more you hear about companies going “green”.  Recycling is at an all-time high for paper, plastics, glass, steel, aluminum, electronics, etc.  People are driving “hybrids” and “flex fuel” vehicles and consuming foods raised and grown organically.  Whether or not you are focused on this issue, many consumers are.  A few items to consider:

  • It cost’s less than a cup of Starbuck’s Coffee to run the electronics on one of our refiners / conditioners for a year.
  • In a hard water area, using a water softener and RO actually reduces greenhouse gases in an amount equivalent to getting one-and-a-third cars off the road for an entire year!
  • A family that purchases the most energy efficient refrigerator on the market to replace an older unit will prevent 150 pounds of CO2 from entering the environment.  A family that adds a water conditioner or refiner and RO will reduce the same greenhouse emissions by 15,319 pounds annually!
  • How is this possible?  The energy saved from bottling, packaging & transporting bottled water plus the reduction of detergent uses and improved water heater efficiency makes the difference.

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