Built on a Foundation of Innovation

Since 1925, EcoWater has been dedicated to innovation in order to serve our customers’ needs. Demand for cleaner, healthier water continues to increase, and we remain devoted to R&D so we can continue to provide the most innovative, highest-quality water treatment solutions.

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Our Industry Leading Innovations

Lynn G Lindsay Sr


First Automatic Water Softener Patent is Issued

In 1925 EcoWater’s founder, Lynn G. Lindsay Sr. was issued the first patent for an automatic water softener. Indoor plumbing and the use of mechanical clothes washers helped fuel the market for residential softeners.

Linsday automatic water softener

The Lindsay Years Begin

Lynn Lindsay started the Lindsay Co. and the dealer business was also born.

assembly line


Regeneration and Automation in the ’50s

In 1950 we replaced traditional water softening media with the first high-capacity resin — significantly increasing the water conditioner’s contaminant removal capacity and reducing the frequency of regeneration.

In 1955 regeneration was made completely automatic through the use of the first electro-mechanical timer with the Lindsay Streamliner.

An older Linsday water tank

The Tank-Within-a-Tank Design Is Born

The first all-automatic home water softener was followed by the introduction of corrosion-proof fiberglass pressure tanks and fiberglass brine tanks. These innovations led to the first space-saving, tank-within-a-tank design. This space-saving concept has been iconic of the EcoWater design ever since.

A woman from the 1950s in a laundry room


The Princess Line Removes Iron

The first softeners that removed excess iron while also softening were introduced at the 1963 dealer convention – The Royal Princess and The Crown Princess.

A woman in a labratory smiling from the 1960s


Continued Innovation

The Sixties and Seventies were a time of continuous innovation, including the introduction of a 5-cycle valve for increased reliability, the replacement of electro-mechanical timers with microprocessor based electronic controls and other key advances.

EcoWater, Miracle Water, Ecodyne, Servisoft, Lindsay

The Marmon Group Forms EcoWater Systems

After being purchased by the Marmon Group in 1981, and acquiring the Water Refining Company, Inc., of Middletown, OH in 1983, the company’s three brands were united under a single brand — EcoWater Systems. The company continued to expand its commercial-industrial product line and its global footprint into Canada and additional European countries.

an older EcoWater machine

Remote Diagnostics at The Dawn of the Internet

Just when the world began using email, EcoWater introduced EASE 3000 Diagnostics Demand Water Conditioner. It provided over-the-phone remote diagnostics — keeping consumers’ homes in conditioned water more efficiently than ever before

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Leading Innovation in the New Millenium

EcoWater was the first manufacturer to utilize modern solid-state electronics for the control of residential water treatment products, raising efficiencies to new levels. We continued to lead the way in innovation by introducing the first two-way wireless remote for both a softener and RO system in 2007 — the HydroLink®

In 2014 we raised the bar by upgrading our HydroLink® technology to allow our softeners to communicate via Wi-Fi, enabling both consumers and our dealers to have critical information available at their fingertips, joining the ever growing group of smart home appliances.

Phyn Smart Home unit

Leak Detection for the Smart Home

EcoWater secures exclusive installation contract with innovative Phyn Water to provide customers with a Phyn Plus, a single connected device that uses machine learning to understand your home’s unique patterns of water use and consumption, and alert homeowners of possible leaks or other issues.

Third-Party Certifications

Water Quality Association

As a Water Quality Association (WQA) member, we belong to a not-for-profit international trade association representing the residential, commercial and industrial water treatment industry.

ISO 9001

International Organization for Standardization of Geneva, Switzerland is among the world’s most widely accepted quality systems standards. EcoWater was the first manufacturer of water treatment products to be ISO certified.

NSF Independently Certified

NSF International sets standards for food service, swimming pools and health care equipment, testing and certifying products in compliance with public health.

Gold Water Quality

Water Quality Association performs rigid equipment tests for the water treatment industry.


Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. evaluates representative samples of systems for UL requirements.

Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Certification is the Canadian counterpart to Underwriters Laboratories.


An independent laboratory has tested electronic products to meet European Union standards on electrical interference and low voltage.

Federal Communication Commission mark

Federal Communication Commission mark indicates a device is in compliance with FCC regulations.

Innovation That’s Smarter

The second we stop innovating in order to provide the most efficient and effective water solutions possible, we lose our identity. Our next big thing: EcoWater has entered into a first-of-its-kind partnership with Phyn to offer customers exclusive smart water monitoring solutions throughout North America.

Phyn. Smart Water Assistant.