Drinking water filtration systems from EcoWater are powerful, dependable and innovative. These purification systems reduce unwanted contaminants—such as PFAS including PFOA and PFOS—that allow you to enjoy cleaner, great-tasting water that’s also good for cooking, making coffee and tea, ice cubes, and even for using in steam irons.

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Get advanced protection from the exact contaminants found in your home water. This will improve your family’s well-being, make it easier to stay hydrated and give peace of mind.

Many drinking water purification systems can be installed under a kitchen or bathroom sink, making them convenient and economical. Even the filters are easy to access and change, as needed.

With filtered water in your kitchen, everything from coffee and tea to pasta and steamed vegetables will taste better. Installed in a bathroom, enjoy a delicious glass of water late at night without a trip to the kitchen.

By drinking filtered tap water, you can skip the bottled water. This will reduce plastic waste, help the environment and help you save big over time.

Advanced Technology Focused on Safer, Cleaner Water

  • New premium post-filter reduces PFOA/PFOS, DEET, Ibuprofen, MTBE, VOCs
  • Reduction of 92 total contaminants
  • Removes 99.1% Lead
  • BPA-free system
  • Patented HydroLink® Plus Wi-Fi enabled technology allows for the remote display of valuable product performance, alerts, water usage and filter life information.
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Serve From the Tap With Confidence

Rid your home of bad-tasting water that’s filled with unwanted contaminants. A Water Pro can provide you with a water filter that’s innovative, long-lasting and easy to maintain. Different treatment options include:

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Tankless Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Alkaline Water
  • Whole Home Systems
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Reverse Osmosis

Engineered to reduce a wide range of common and advanced contaminants, reverse osmosis systems are considered the most thorough solution available for water filtration. With a pair of filters and a semipermeable membrane that separates contaminants from your home water, these systems:

  • Provide the same great quality as bottled water
  • Save you money over time without having to reply on bottled water
  • Offer unrivaled reduction of advanced contaminants such as PFOA, PFOS and pharmaceuticals
  • Use enclosed filters that are fast and easy to replace
  • Can fit under most kitchen or bathroom sinks
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Tankless Reverse Osmosis

If you want the benefits of reverse osmosis in a space-saving solution that fits seamlessly into your kitchen, look no further. EcoWater presents the eflow Tankless Reverse Osmosis (RO) System – a game-changer in home water filtration. With eflow, get:

  • Continuous flow for a constant stream of pure, great-tasting water that’s always available for your hydration and cooking needs
  • Space-saving design to fit neatly under your sink, even in the most compact spaces. Reclaim valuable storage and countertop space while enjoying the benefits of a state-of-the-art RO system
  • Easy-to-change filters for simple, hassle-free maintenance to ensure your system consistently delivers the highest quality water
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Alkaline Treatment and Remineralization

Raise your water’s pH to match your needs. Tap water usually has a pH of 6.5 to 7.5, which is considered neutral, but some municipalities fall short of reaching this threshold. If you desire higher pH, get an alkaline/remineralizing system.

  • Filters install easily between an EcoWater reverse osmosis system’s water outlet and the tap you get your drinking water from
  • Raise your pH from neutral to as high as 9-10
  • Our add-on filter remineralizes water, so safe minerals are added to improve taste
  • This system is compact and long-lasting
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An EcoWater Pro Can Help Diagnose Your Water

Solving home water issues can often be complicated, requiring the expertise of a trained professional who knows what to do. Get the perfect solution for your household with help from your local EcoWater Pro.

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Whole home systems

It’s hard to argue with the convenience of whole-home filtration that can provide filtered water to every tap in your house. Enjoy great-tasting water and fewer contaminants with a smart system that’s energy efficient and loaded with features. This option even automatically cleans itself, making maintaining your central water system a breeze.

ETF2300 Water softener

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