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Effective water treatment is an investment, but one that pays off. With EcoWater, take control of your home water with innovative solutions that leverage new technologies that are convenient and save money.


Water Savings Calculator

Use the Water Savings Calculator to discover how much you can save over time by adding a water softener in your home that will solve your hard water problems, including scale buildup in pipes.

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Household Costs

The numbers below are average monthly costs for these common household expenses based on the Leavenworth Water Study. You can update them with your own costs for a more accurate total.


Water Savings Calculator

Your Savings

Household Category Hard Water Cost/Month/Person Hard Water Cost/Month/Family Soft Water % Savings Soft Water Savings Per Month
Plumbing & Appliances 60%
Clothing & Linens 30%
Energy Consumption 30%
Soaps & Cleaning Aids 60%
Total Savings

Your savings really add up over the years!

With EcoWater’s Smart Tech, You Save Even More

Stop Leaks and Prevent Water Mishaps

Water leaks are 10x more likely to cause home damage than fires, but with Phyn installed on your home’s main water line, get peace of mind using patented advanced leak detection technology—no matter your location. Phyn will monitor and analyze your water usage, all while saving you up to 20% on home insurance costs. Exclusive to EcoWater customers, Phyn detects:

  • Toilet flapper leaks
  • Supply line leaks
  • Water left on
  • Catastrophic leaks
  • Frozen pipes
  • Pinhole leaks*
  • Drip leaks*
  • Unusual usage

*detected via Phyn’s Plumbing Check feature

Phyn device

Technology Designed to Help You Save

A water treatment leader focused on providing smart solutions that improve homes and lives, EcoWater offers systems that include patented technology and convenient apps like HydroLink Plus® that let you monitor, control and ultimately save money on your water treatment systems.

From excessive water use warnings to low salt and regeneration alerts on softening systems, enjoy easy access to all the information you need to keep your water treatment systems running their best while cutting down on repair bills. With EcoWater, experience unrivaled convenience from smart systems that are built to save.

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