A Century of Perfecting Water Treatment

EcoWater Systems has been making water soft, cleaner and safer for homes since 1925. Today, we are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of home water treatment systems and we offer a full line of commercial-industrial equipment.

With over 250 authorized dealers worldwide, we have the expertise to diagnose your water problems and provide eco-friendly water treatment systems to meet your specific needs.

EcoWater 100 year anniversary.

A Marmon Group, Berkshire Hathaway Company

EcoWater Systems is a member company within The Marmon Group, an international company of over 180 autonomous manufacturing and service organizations, and a subsidiary of the Berkshire Hathaway Company.

EcoWater and other Marmon Group businesses share expertise, knowledge, and resources with one focus: customer satisfaction.


Our Values

As a global leader, EcoWater is committed to customer satisfaction, and environmental and social responsibility, with emphasis on:

  • Investment in R&D to stay on the front line of innovation
  • Engineered solutions to improve customer health and safety
  • Superior quality and efficiency
  • Technology that’s easy for customers to integrate into their everyday lives
  • Providing eco-friendly water systems
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Commitment to Innovation

It all started with the world’s first patent for an automatic water softener, which EcoWater founder Lynn G. Lindsay Sr. received in 1925. Since those early days, EcoWater has been sharply focused on solving our customers’ needs through innovation. When Mr. Lindsay got that first patent, home water needs were a lot different. No one was worried about microplastics or “forever chemicals” back then—because they didn’t exist yet.

While we’re not sure what home water needs everyone will have 100 years from now, we will strive to remain a leader within the industry, always focused on our customers and helping realize their goals.

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Careers in Home Water Treatment

If you are passionate about serving customers and industry-leading products, EcoWater would like to hear from you. Help chart a path to our future, where you will have room to thrive and grow professionally.

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