Why Should You Have Your Water Tested?

Some contaminants in your home water could pose risks to your health or home, and they can be especially problematic for small children and the elderly. Testing will also indicate whether you have hard water and what pH it is. To help protect your well-being and family’s health, have your water tested to know exactly what you’re facing. A professional water analysis can ultimately lead to:

  • Improving the taste, odor and appearance of your water
  • Knowing which contaminants are coming out of your tap, including ones that could pose health risks
  • Protection for your home’s water-using appliances
  • Improved well-being, including better hydration and healthier skin and hair
  • Peace of mind

What To Expect

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Locate your EcoWater Dealer

Improving the water in your home starts by reaching out to your local EcoWater dealer and providing them with some basic information.

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Schedule a Home Water Test

Better water begins with a free home water test conducted by a Water Pro. Lean on EcoWater’s knowledge to ensure you get the right solution to permanently solve your water problems.

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In-Home Consultation to Discuss Your Water

Our local experts are familiar with nearby water conditions. Using your test results, and hearing your concerns, they’ll quickly identify the right solution for your home.

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EcoWater Professional Installation

Your service technician will flawlessly install your water treatment system and can answer any questions you have.

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Who Should Have Their Water Tested?

Homeowners with city water

Municipalities test water, but the standards set by your city may not meet your own requirements.

Homeowners with a private water source

Private wells lack the same testing and service that municipalities provide. The only way to know what’s in this water is to test it.

Homeowners with household well

It’s your well to test, and you’re responsible for what contaminants are entering your home, whether naturally occurring or due to local human activity.

All-Rite service is prompt, courteous and professional. I am very happy with their EcoWater product and their people. Thank you Michael for fitting me in your schedule on short notice!

Paul H. All-Rite Water Purification – Vero Beach, FL

They have achieved what seemed impossible! We first encountered Advanced Water Systems at a community event. I was skeptical due to the severity of our water problem. A number of companies came and tried to make our water drinkable and never succeeded. Advanced Water Systems said that they could help. After the meeting, we decided to give them a try. His team came in, tested the water, made recommendations and installed the water production system. We are now drinking our water!!! I thought it was too good to be true and it still seems implausible to be drinking out of our water tap. They have achieved what seemed impossible! I cannot say enough about these guys and their abilities. Thank you again Roger, Rich, and the entire team at Advanced Water Systems.

Dan & Dee D. Advanced Water Systems – Berlin, NY

I want to thank you for your personal care and wonderful services.  The installation was flawless and professionally done.  I thought much of what you were saying about the system was sales hype but I’m pleasantly surprised that it’s true.  The water tastes great! No more bottled water.

Michael M. EcoWater Socal

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