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EcoWater Systems offers an innovative work environment where you can help customers get the quality water treatment solutions they need. Founded in 1925, we are a global leader in home water treatment and we offer a full line of commercial-industrial equipment.

With over 250 authorized dealers selling and servicing our systems, our purification products enhance the taste and quality of water everywhere.

Enhance life’s most precious resource!

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A Marmon Group, Berkshire Hathaway Company

As an employee of EcoWater, you’ll also be a member of the Marmon Group family. The Marmon Group is an international company of over 180 autonomous manufacturing and service organizations, and a subsidiary of the Berkshire Hathaway Company. Through these connections, you’ll benefit from additional security as well as opportunities for growth.



EcoWater has been around for nearly 100 years, and continues to grow and thrive. Between our infrastructure and placement within The Marmon Group, we offer stable opportunities with the resources to invest in our people and products.

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A global leader in our industry, EcoWater offers numerous opportunities. From entry-level to strategic leadership roles, we’re on the lookout to hire and develop talent, and we enjoy promoting from within.

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The Marmon Group has over 28,000 global team members. We value each of our employees by providing respect, trust and rewarding job opportunities that come with training and the tools needed to succeed.

EcoWater Locations

From headquarters in Minnesota to our production plant in Mississippi to remote work opportunities, we need talent from all over.

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