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Is Your Furry Friend Safe? How Water Contaminants Affect Your Pets’ Health

If you are giving your pet a bowl of water straight from the tap, you want to make sure it’s fresh. If you don’t have a system in place to soften and reduce contaminants from your home water, you could be stunting the growth of your dog or cat while exposing them to dangerous chemicals.
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Discover How Hard, Unfiltered Water Impacts Life in Your Kitchen

If your water is hard and unfiltered, it could be causing a number of problems in your kitchen. Learn about the five most common effects hard, unfiltered water can have in a kitchen—from food odor to dishwasher scale.

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Discover your local lead contamination levels with this interactive water quality map.

Lead contamination is a common issue nationwide that may present a hidden danger in your home’s drinking water. Follow this map as a guide to identify your local lead contamination levels.

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Is Chlorine in My Home Water—and What Should I Do About it?

To protect municipal water and public health, it’s vital to prevent contamination. This requires a disinfectant, such as chlorine, a powerful and proven option for many water supplies. Discover why chlorine can leave an unpleasant odor you may want to have removed from your home water.

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Forever Chemicals in Your Tap Water

There are over 10,000 known “forever chemicals” that make up the PFAS family of chemicals with PFOA and PFOS being the most common. Discover why you don’t want these chemicals contaminating your tap water.

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Is Softened Water Bad for You?

Water softeners are powerful solutions for people struggling with the effects of calcium and magnesium buildup on their water-using appliances. But water softeners are also associated with several myths, which you can learn about with this resource.

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What Does “NSF Certified” Mean for Water Treatment Systems?

When shopping for water treatment systems to add to your home, there is an easy way to distinguish a high-quality system from lesser options: an NSF certification. Explore how this third-party certification can help determine the quality of a water treatment system.

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What are PFAS & How Can I Remove Them From My Water?

Some water contaminants are easy to identify by smell or taste, but others are more insidious and difficult to detect. Unfortunately, PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, fit within this category. Learn why you shouldn’t want these “forever chemicals” in your tap water.

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Why Is Filtered Water Better for the Environment Than Bottled Water?

Compared to drinking bottled water, installing a water filtration system in your home benefits your wallet and the environment. Learn the facts so you get the solution you need while making yourself less reliant upon single-use plastic.

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The Doomed Life Cycle of Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles

Humanity’s reliance on single-use plastic bottles is occurring on a mass scale, harming oceans and wildlife across the planet. Examine the product life cycle of a single-use plastic bottle of water purchased at a convenience store to learn more.

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Bottled Water vs. Water Filters: What Should I Use?

To drink safer, great-tasting water on a regular basis, you have two options to pick from: Bottled water or adding a filtration system to your home. Discover the differences with this resource, from examining the benefits of each option to breaking down the cost over time.

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Which Cities Have the Hardest Water in America?

Many regions in the U.S. experience problems with hard tap water, but some areas are more prone to issues than others. Do you know if you have hard water in your area? Explore the hard water map to find out.

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10 Ways Soft Water Contributes to Your Well-Being

Many people take soft water for granted, not fully realizing the benefits they receive until they’ve gone on vacation or are stuck for an extended period at a location that has hard water. Discover 10 ways soft water contributes to your overall well-being.

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Hard Water Basics: What Is Hard Water & What You Can Do About It

Over 85% of North American households live in hard water areas. Yet many homeowners are unsure of the effects of hard water on a house and what consequences their family may face because of it. Learn the basics, and discover what can be done to rid your home of hard water.

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What’s Contaminating Your Home’s Water

Nearly 80 percent of Americans receive their home water from municipal treatment facilities, but these centers can’t do anything about pollutants contaminating your water after leaving their facility. Explore this guide to learn about the main causes of water contamination.

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Why Does My Water Smell? 6 Common Smells & Their Causes

Sewage, sulfur, musty, fish, and chlorine or swimming pool. These scents in your home water, along with water from your tap tasting like metal, can impact your personal hygiene, ability to host guests, and your hydration. Explore what’s affecting your tap water, how your health may be impacted, and how EcoWater can help.

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The Effects of Hard Water on Your Skin and Hair

From crusty faucets to stain rings around your toilet bowls — wherever hard water goes, remnants stay behind long after the water has drained. But did you know hard water can also negatively affect your hygiene? Discover the warning signs of hard water, and how it can impact your skin and hair.

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