What Does “NSF Certified” Mean for Water Treatment Systems?

If you plan on investing in a product that influences the quality of your water, you want to be sure it will deliver on its promises. There is one easy way to distinguish a high-quality system from the rest: an NSF certification.

But what is NSF, and what does it mean for something to be “NSF certified”? Keep reading to learn how this mark can help you determine the quality of a water treatment system—and why it matters to you.

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What Is NSF International?

NSF International is a non-profit organization created in 1944 to give unbiased testing, auditing and certifying to products to ensure they meet public health standards. NSF specializes in certain industries, so you won’t see their label on every single product on the shelves of your hardware store. Products eligible for testing are wide ranging—covering many consumer product industries including food, automotive, water, and construction.

Staffed with a team of food safety specialists, chemists, scientists and public health experts, and with laboratories across the world, NSF has a strict set of tests that products must pass to secure a certification.

Why Does an NSF Certification Matter?

Because NSF is non-profit and third-party operated there isn’t a way for companies to buy their way into a certification. Instead, the quality of the products will need to speak for itself over the course of several stringent tests. Additionally, in order for a water treatment product to achieve NSF certification, the product must reduce contaminants down to a safe level in accordance with the US EPA Safe Drinking Water Act.

For the customer, an NSF certification gives proof that a product does what it claims to do. EcoWater is proud to offer a range of water treatment systems that are third-party certified, including by NSF. What this means for EcoWater customers is that a water filtration system claiming to be certified to reduce chlorine smell and taste will be thoroughly tested to ensure it does just that.

Is an NSF Certification Important for a Water Treatment System?

Products that do not have an NSF certification are not inherently low-quality. However, for customers who are concerned with product performance, the certification provides peace of mind. With EcoWater home water filtration systems having the distinction of carrying NSF-certified and other third-party certification marks, you don’t have to go through an extensive research process to figure out if the filtration system actually performs the way it’s meant to.

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The right NSF-certified water treatment system for your home

Now that you know how helpful NSF certification can be, it’s time to get a free water diagnosis from a Water Pro who will identify what exactly is contaminating your home water. They will be happy to recommend which NSF-certified system and filters will fix your water problem, and handle installation.

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