Innovation is at the core of all products and services EcoWater offers. From limiting home water damage by identifying leaks to conserving water and saving money, choose smart home technologies that integrate seamlessly with your EcoWater products.

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Prevent Disaster with Machine Learning

Phyn is a smart water assistant that utilizes machine learning to understand your home’s unique patterns of water use and consumption. That information can then help detect and alert you to abnormalities.

Not only can Phyn identify issues with your whole home’s plumbing system, once it learns your fixtures and system, it can shut off the water automatically, mitigating damage and delivering peace of mind.

Exclusively for EcoWater customers, Phyn can be installed by an EcoWater Pro on your home’s main water line.

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An EcoWater Pro Can Help Diagnose Your Water

Solving home water issues can often be complicated, requiring the expertise of a trained professional who knows what to do. Get the perfect solution for your household with help from your local EcoWater Pro.

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Hydrolink and Hydrolink Plus®

The EcoWater HydroLink Plus® is a smart home water filtration and softening solution that gives you the power to monitor your water usage, lets you know when to add salt to a softener and gives peace of mind when traveling. Stay connected via a secure login or receive an email or text notifying you of an issue with your system.

HydroLink Plus® features a Wi-Fi connected dashboard and allows you to receive email or text notifications. Once the unit is connected to Wi-Fi you will be able to view the system’s status, register products to your dealer, and set up alerts.

The Main Advantages

Secure Dashboard

Easily see information at a glance, such as how long before your salt runs out or when your softener’s next regeneration cycle is set to start.

Remote Support

For professional help, grant access to an EcoWater Water Pro who can provide a first diagnostic from anywhere.

Customized Alert Messages

Get text messages or an email when your salt level is low or if issues are detected with your water softener.

Remote Management

Launch a regeneration cycle or adjust your alert settings from anywhere at any time.

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Innovative Water Technologies Backed by Proven Solutions

Network of experts

Network of Experts

EcoWater’s water treatment systems and technologies are backed by a highly trained international dealer network filled with knowledgeable Water Pros.

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Global Leader

EcoWater, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of advanced water treatment systems, is a leader in innovation and product reliability.

NSF Independently Certified

Third-Party Certified

All systems go through rigorous testing to receive third-party certification to ensure they function correctly and as expected.

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Smart Technology

R&D is at EcoWater’s core, leading to advances in smart technology that set the standard for durability, usability, and attractive designs.

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