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EcoWater’s line of commercial softeners are among the most efficient softeners available on the market and can lower your  maintenance costs and save you salt, water, money and time.  Our line of softeners are able to satisfy varying demands for hardness and scale up to 1.2M grain capacity and are available in fiberglass and epoxy-lined steel.

An EWS Commercial Heavy Duty All-Purpose Water Filter

EWS Commercial Heavy Duty Water Softener

  • Available with 1", 1 1/2" or 2" Ecowater Valve
  • 2-20 Cubic Feet Resin per Tank - Single, Duplex, Triplex, Quadplex
  • Ecowater Commercial Universal Programmable Electronic Control
    • Single, Parallel, Alternating (with Peak Flow Demand) Modes
    • Proportional Brining or Fixed Dose Operation
    • Up-flow or Down-flow Brining options (1 ½” and 2”)
      • 1” Systems are all up-flow Brining
    • Demand or Timeclock operation
    • Immediate Regeneration Input
    • Safe 24 VDC Electronics
    • Non-Volatile Memory
  • Industry Leading 33,000 grains capacity @ 12 lb/cu. ft. of Resin
  • 1 Turbine Flow Meter per Valve/Tank
  • Washed Quartz Under-bedding
  • Exceptional Flow Rates
    • Up to 320 GPM @ 15 PSI Drop/400 GPM@25 PSI drop
  • Automatic Bypass During Regeneration
  • No-Hard-Water Bypass Available
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Media Tank
    • NSF 61 listed
  • Self- Cleaning Distributors