Hempy Water Conditioning – Dublin, OH

Since 1952, Hempy Water is a LOCALLY and FAMILY-owned water treatment provider. Hempy Water has been providing residential and commercial water treatment solutions for the entire Northwest and Central Ohio region. Today, Hempy Water continues to offer unsurpassed service, affordable pricing and the highest quality EcoWater systems. Hempy Water provides water softeners, water conditioners, state-of-the-art water refiners, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, carbon filtration, de-chlorination, iron removal, sulfur removal, bottled water delivery, salt delivery and MUCH more!

Hempy Dublin
(419) 273-2531

Sunday – Closed
Mon – 8AM-5PM
Tues – 8AM-5PM
Wed – 8AM-5PM
Thurs – 8AM-5PM
Fri – 8AM-5PM
Sat – 9AM-12PM

Services Provided

  • Water Softeners
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Iron Treatment
  • Sulfur Treatment
  • Bottled Water Delivery
  • Salt Delivery
  • Phyn Leak Detection